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Our team is "Action"

Watching films of different genres is our hobby.

We like watching new films together.

We are friendly guys.

We take part in the project to show our abilities, to have a lot of fun and make new friends.

Our motto is:

Lights! Camera! Action!

Our team:

Самсонов Влад, ученик 7 класса - a cinema critic

Максимов Роман, ученик 7 класса - a designer, journalist

Максимова Полина, ученица 9 класса - a historian of cinematography

Our teacher:

Сурикова Ольга Николаевна - учитель английского языка

Our teacher's email is:


Our school:

МОУ Гаврильцевсой СОШ Владимирская, облась Камешковский район

Our crossword: "Action and Others"


Кроссворд "Action and Others.".jpg