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Meet our team "THE WINNERS"!

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Members of the team:

Our film critic: Зюзюн Павел, 8 "А" класс, ГУО "Гимназия №1 г. Борисова"

Our designer: Макар Короткий, 8 "А" класс, ГУО "Гимназия №1 г. Борисова"

Our journalist: Екатерина Махрова, 8 "А" класс, ГУО "Гимназия №1 г. Борисова"

Our journalist: Ксения Юзефович, 8 "А" класс, ГУО "Гимназия №1 г. Борисова"

Our tutor: Ольга Николаевна Кузнецова, учитель английского языка ГУО "Гимназия №1 г. Борисова"

E-mail: on.kuznetsova@yandex.ru

Hello! We are glad to see you on our page! Our team consists of four pupils. We are all different but we love English very much. We also like watching films, though our tastes are different too. We would like to participate in the project to learn something new about cinema and to compete with the other teams.We hope that we will get on well and wish them good luck!

Crossword “A FILM CREW”

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Resourses: 1) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cinematography
2) http://www.filmsite.org/filmterms2.html

Our Pinterest Board[1]

Film Review [2]

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Our parents gave us permission to participate in the project.